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Carmen Ejogo

I started this batch like three years ago and I have finally finished it. :E

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Karima Ghaith

Hindi Zahra

The quality of these is not what it might be. :/ Here, have a youtube to make up for it.

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Freddie Jones

When in doubt, fall back on caps I already have, I guess.

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Q'Orianka Kilcher

From Princess Ka'iulani, because I am a sucker for pretty clothes.

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Zarine Khan

Stock: Vampire Bats

These guys are actually kind of cute in a fugly sort of way, and surprisingly expressive. A few of these, unsurprisingly, involve blood, so don't click the cut if it freaks you out.

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Tamsin Egerton (II)

In some miniseries about Napoleon, at about fourteen.

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costume trunk
The Costume Trunk
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